Fire Retardant

Fire protection is just one of the areas we can offer extensive knowledge on. Choosing coatings and finishes that meet strict fire standards can be a time consuming business in an effort to provide the perfect solution for contractors and architects we are proud to introduce a range of flame retardant coatings that adhere to the highest European fire safety standards. Providing a fast drying high resistant coating with superb coverage and outstanding durability as well as giving complete peace of mind.


In today’s world there is heightened concern about the spread of infection. More and more manufacturers in the kitchen, educational and medical environments are requested to use ‘bacteria killing’ lacquers. Steri-Guard lacquer prevents the bacteria’s access to food and nutrients while maintaining the overall decorative effect required and at the same time complying with today’s building regulations for hygienic coatings.

  • Single pack systems
  • Two pack systems
  • Stoving and heat resistant systems
  • Waterborne and specialist finishes
  • Floor finishes
  • Pre-catalysed
  • Acid-catalysed
  • Polyester PU
  • Water-borne
  • Steri-guard (hygienic coatings)
  • Flame Pro (Flame retardant)
  • Wood stains, patinas and fillers
  • Wooden floor finishes
  • Joinery products
  • Specialist finishes
  • Single pack systems
  • Two pack systems
  • Waterbourne coatings
  • Adhesion promoters
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