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Pre-Catalysed Lacquer. A one component, non-yellowing pre-catalysed clear lacquer. INTENDED USES Fast drying, Clear lacquer with excellent resistance to abrasion, wet & dry heat & chemicals used as a primer and finishing lacquer for open and close pore finishing. Dries to a tough, durable, mar and stain resistant surface. Suitable for application to almost all interior wood and furniture substrates where an attractive durable finish is required. Best spray applied; it is ideal for production lines and factories or for small scale manufacturers without the need for post catalysing. CHARACTERISTICS Low Surface tension Excellent surface slip Excellent flow and wetting properties Fast Drying Excellent clarity Used on certain veneers as a one coat open grain finish Easily applied using spray application Resistant to household cleaning agents, alcohols, scratching, water spills, fats and oils, stains and heat resistance Very fast drying and cure times Good Repairability Excellent abrasion resistance

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