Fire Retardant Paint in Ireland

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Flame Retardant

Flamepro Coatings is Ireland’s leading name in fire rated paint & lacquers, colour matching to your requirements. Our maintain and upgrade system may be applied to most substrates. This system process enables the maintaining of the European fire reaction classification B-s1,d0 of fire retarded wooden substrates classified as B according to UNE-EN-13501-1:2007 + A1:2010 standard.

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Steri Guard

In today’s world there is heightened concern about the spread of infection. More and more manufacturers in the kitchen, educational and medical environments are requested to use ‘bacteria killing’ lacquers. Steri-Guard lacquer prevents the bacteria’s access to food and nutrients while maintaining the overall decorative effect required and at the same time complying with today’s building regulations for hygienic coatings..

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Floor Paints

PROTECTIVE FLOOR COATINGS Our ‘protective coatings’ excel by virtue of their durability, flexibility, adhesion, easy application, anti-corrosion, and chemical and mechanical resistance. This is the result of our vast competence in coating chemistry, combined with a good eye for our client’s requirements and wishes. The coating systems conform to ISO 12944 and comply with international VOC guidelines. They can be applied by brush, mohair roller, mop or conventional spray equipment.


G-Col Coatings

A highly durable two pack coating for spraying flat glass panels and soft profiles for kitchen splash backs, glass tops for display cabinets, bathroom screens, hotels and bars. G-col is available in most colours including metallic and provides an exciting alternative to coloured or specially treated glass. It is epoxy cured resin that is free from isocyanates


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